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Each of us sometimes wondered what they would do if they got into a situation that would require their immediate response. What would I do? How would I behave? Can I help at all?

And that’s why we are here with our first aid courses. With us, you will test your reactions and perception directly on real model situations, which are prepared for you in the courses. We will teach you how to treat the injured person, how to communicate with them, what to look out for and, in general, how to save the most valuable thing, the human life.

Don’t be afraid, and come to learn first aid, which will one day save maybe even your loved ones. All our courses are led by professional rescuers who have extensive experience in emergency medicine and will be happy to teach you how to be a good rescuer.

Ikona přeprava pacientů neodkladné péče

Accredited course

Medical transport service driver

The maximum number of participants in one course is 10 participants.

Employment of graduates

The graduates work in state and non-state health care facilities and transport health services in the Czech Republic under the professional supervision of a health worker qualified to provide health care without professional supervision.

Admission conditions
  • medical fitness to work, good health condition
  • clean criminal record documented by an extract from the Criminal Register
  • completed at least primary education
  • experience with driving road motor vehicles for at least 1 year
  • applicants for admission to an accredited qualification course must be assessed individually, considering their personality traits and motivation to educating themselves in the field

The course participant is prepared to perform the profession of “Medical Transport Driver” with knowledge of the scope of their activities, their responsibilities and competencies and their role within a team.

Target knowledge
  • knows the basics of public health and the organization of the operation of a medical transport service
  • knows the ethical, legal, and psychological aspects of the medical profession
  • knows the basics of health support and protection, including the safety and health of clients, the staff, and the environment
  • knows the basics of disaster medicine and the concept of an integrated rescue system
  • knows the basics of somatology
  • has theoretical knowledge of the provision of health care in the transport service
  • has a basic knowledge of the provision of pre-hospital emergency care, handling of biological material, medicinal products, and medical devices
  • knows the principles of working with information and telecommunications technologies
Target skills
  • to the extent optimal for the role of the driver of the medical transport service activities, they can perform under professional supervision, or under the direct guidance of a medical worker qualified to perform the work without professional supervision
  • manages, operates, and maintains the vehicle and its equipment, including hygienic care
  • can navigate in the field
  • can ensure the transport of sick, wounded and mothers giving birth, transport of tissues and biological material, provides health care during transport
  • applies ethical and psychological approaches to clients also within the working group
  • manages crisis situations associated with the profession of a driver of medical transport service
  • manages simple procedures in the provision of pre-hospital emergency care
  • skills defined by their position in the team within the framework of cooperation in emergency situations in cooperation with other components of the integrated rescue system
The objective of the accredited qualification course
  • the aim of the accredited qualification course is that the course participant is theoretically and practically prepared to provide health care and pre-hospital emergency care within the transport service in common situations and in emergencies as well
  • they understood the basic functions of the organism and their context
  • they mastered ethical principles, psychological and empathic approach to the sick and wounded
First aid basics

The course is especially suitable for companies, engineering companies, but also the public. In this course, we focus on the basic procedures in life-threatening conditions, such as bleeding, fractures, unconsciousness, sudden circulatory arrest, allergic reaction, epilepsy, diabetes, stroke. A part of the course is the practical training of theoretically discussed topics as well. We will explain everything to you clearly and simply, so that you are sure of yourselves even in a real situation. The praxis is based on theoretical knowledge, which you will also acquire by completing the course. You will learn the basics of how the human body works to better understand the first aid system. We will teach you how to communicate properly with the dispatch worker of the emergency medical service and, most importantly, we will teach you not to worry unnecessarily, because the life of the injured person is in your hands. The duration of the course is 5 hours, but we can adjust the time after discussing it with you. If you want to learn much more about first aid, we can adjust the course and prepare a made-to-measure training for you.

First aid basics for volunteering firemen units

This is a course that focuses on acute emergency medical conditions for volunteer fire brigades, especially those involved in the actual deployment system. The course is methodically designed so that the unit is properly prepared to intervene in traffic accidents, mass accidents or other emergencies. Emphasis is placed on both theory and practical training. We have included technical first aid, medical first aid, transport equipment, putting on a neck collar, removing a helmet, operating an oxygen container and its components, triage of a larger number of injured people using the START method, which is commonly used by the IRS. It is also possible to include the operation and work with the AED in case the unit owns it or intends to acquire it. Are you great firefighters? Become excellent paramedics as well with us! Nothing pleases a person more than a well-managed intervention and saved lives. The total duration of the course is 8 hours. However, the time can be extended to more hours or even days. It’s up to you how good and ready you want to be in the field.

Operation and working with an automatic external defibrillator

The AED course focuses on circulatory arrest for any reason, where an automated external defibrillator is accessible and quickly available. These are places such as train and bus stations, airports, city squares, police stations, theaters, city administration buildings, etc. This unique and easy-to-use device can decide about the life of the victim. The subject of the course is to learn how to work with the AED during emergency resuscitation and to communicate with the operator of the medical operating center correctly.

DavepoMedevac is an accredited facility that has been granted accreditation by the Ministry of Health to organize this educational program (according to the provisions of § 45 paragraph 2 of Act No. 96/2004 Coll., on the conditions for obtaining and recognizing competence to perform non-medical health professions and to perform activities related to health care and on the change of some related acts (Act on Non-Medical Health Professions), as amended (hereinafter referred to as Act No. 96/2004 Coll.). 


The client is always under the professional supervision of a paramedic or doctor.


6 deployment locations – we will provide the crew, which is closest to you.

24/7 for everyone

Non-stop dispatch even for clients with speech or hearing impediments using sms messaging.