Imagine a terrorist attack in the centre of Prague: panic, chaos, injuries. At this moment, the IZS forces are expected to be completely professional, cooperative and, above all, prepared. In the event that such an emergency actually occurs, the Police of the Czech Republic regularly organises interoperability exercises, the main aim of which is to practice the efficiency and cooperation of the IZS units. This year, our crews were also present at the exercise.

The first day of the exercise called “AMOK” took place in Vršovice. The exercise took place directly at the largest football stadium Fortuna Arena. The theme of the exercise was aggressive behaviour of football fans, armed attack with mass disability of people, transport
and triage of the wounded using the START method.

The next day the exercise moved from Vršovice directly to the centre of Prague. The exercise was called “Golem” and its scenario was as follows: an attack by a pair of terrorists in Maiselova Street, which is the heart of the old Jewish town in Prague. Over 130 figures were involved in the action, of which two dozen represented the dead and wounded.

Thank you for your invitation and cooperation:

HZS Praha
Czech Red Cross
Rescue Service ASČR

We were honoured to be part of this exercise. And as they say, practice makes perfect.

You can see what the exercise looks like in our video.