Transport of patients of emergency care

As the only private health care provider, we provide comprehensive transportation services for patients in need of emergency care. You can order the transport in 2 modes: RZP – nurse / paramedic, and emergency driver, or RLP – doctor, nurse / paramedic, and emergency driver. All our ambulances comply with Regulation 296/2012 Coll.

DavepoMedevac is a partner of all domestic health insurance companies.

  • transport of urgent care patients
  • transport of bariatric patients weighing up to 320kg
  • transport of pediatric patients
  • transport of newborns in a transport incubator
  • repatriation of patients
Ikona přeprava pacientů neodkladné péče

How to order
patient transport

Do you need to transport a patient under professional supervision? We have prepared a tutorial for you, about how to order the transport.

If necessary, you can order this type of transport at the DavepoMedevac dispatch center, 24 hours a day, on the phone number +420 311 440 277 or +420 770 600 606.

Procedure for ordering secondary transport in RZP or RLP mode:

  1. contact the DavepoMedevac dispatch center
  2. communicate the name of the hospital and the name of the department from which the transport will take place
  3. communicate the name and surname, birth number and health insurance company’s number of the patient
  4. define the patient’s diagnosis in detail, as well as exact transport requirements (e.g., need for a linear dispenser, ECG, etc.)
  5. define the type of accompany – i.e., the presence of a paramedic or doctor
  6. determine the destination of the transport, the exact name of the hospital respectively, and the specific hospital department to which the patient will be transported to
  7. specify the date and time when the patient’s crew will take over their care
  8. state the telephone number of the department from which the transport is ordered
  9. answer any additional questions from the dispatcher

The client is always under the professional supervision of a paramedic or doctor.


6 deployment locations – we will provide the crew, which is closest to you.

24/7 for everyone

Non-stop dispatch even for clients with speech or hearing impediments using sms messaging.