Emergency medical service

DavepoMedevac provides the ambulance service based on a contractual relationship with the Ambulance Service of the Capital City of Prague and the Ambulance Service of the Central Bohemian Region for the provision of pre-hospital emergency care. We provide this care through emergency medical assistance groups (RZP) from the stations in Praha Bulovka, Praha Žižkov, Rudná u Prahy a Jesenice u Rakovníka.

The RZP deployment group has ambulances with the possibility of transporting an immobile patient, the so-called “large ambulance” with full equipment to treat a wide range of all common health issues and injuries – from severe injuries through sudden cardiac arrest to, for example, sudden childbirth. These vehicles are equipped with an ECG monitoring device with a defibrillator, a device for artificial lung ventilation, medicine for the treatment of critical conditions, oxygen tanks, dressings, and infusion material. 

The RZP team consists of a paramedic (a graduate of a specialized post-secondary study at a vocational school or university) and a driver of an emergency medical vehicle (a graduate of the 600-hour accredited qualification course Driver of an Emergency Medical Vehicle). 

Ikona přeprava pacientů neodkladné péče

When the ambulance leaves…

It can happen to everyone, but not everyone is ready for it. Please read this article carefully. IT will explain to you what is happening to your loved one in the moment and explain the course of the next tens of minutes.

The patient is now in the care of emergency medical staff – professionals, who can help him. After providing urgent treatment at the scene, they transport your loved one to a medical facility. You have at least an hour of time after the ambulance leaves. Before that, it does not make sense to call the hospital and find out the latest information. So, look at what time it is now. After reading this information, you will have some time left in which you can inform the family or friends about the situation.

Questions you may be asking now...

A fully competent crew came to your loved one, ready to provide medical services and measures directly in the field. In current conditions, paramedics can immediately, at the scene, perform procedures that previously took place in a hospital. This procedure is far more effective and appropriate for the patient’s health. This way, we can save a great number of victims in serious condition, for whom mere transport to the hospital would be extremely threatening. The ambulance is a fully equipped mobile intensive care unit, subject to strict hygiene and safety regulations.

No one other than the patient can be transported by this vehicle (except for parents of small children). This is also the reason, why we could not allow you to accompany your loved one on board the ambulance to the hospital.

Right now, your loved one is on their way to the hospital, which will provide the necessary professional care. Therefore, the time before our crew arrives at the hospital with your loved one is not lost time. During the transport in the ambulance, the doctor or paramedic thoroughly examines and prepares the patient for admission to the hospital. They administer medicines or perform other professional tasks as needed. The ambulance is now headed to the nearest suitable medical facility, where they are already expecting and ready to receive your loved one.

Depending on the nature of their condition and the difficulties in the medical facility, your loved one will be further examined in detail. These examinations are performed sequentially and include, for example, X-rays, brain examinations, blood examinations, cardiac monitoring, or a variety of other diagnostic methods. Physicians need some time for these examinations and their evaluation. Therefore, even though we know that it is very difficult, please be patient and do not call the hospital until after at least one hour has passed.

These and other thoughts, as well as questions about whether you have neglected something or should have done something differently, or sooner, may now occur to you. It’s natural. However, you certainly helped your loved one as best you could. From the moment the operator picked up the phone on 155, the emergency process was activated. Now your loved one is already in the care of experts.


The client is always under the professional supervision of a paramedic or doctor.


6 deployment locations – we will provide the crew, which is closest to you.

24/7 for everyone

Non-stop dispatch even for clients with speech or hearing impediments using sms messaging.