From abroad back to the home country

Our company’s activities include repatriating patients from abroad back to their home country. Clients are provided with all the necessary service, which increases the comfort of their transport. Gentle transport is a sure thing, but also, for example, the provision of refreshments and adaptation to the client’s needs. The ambulance is equipped with air conditioning not only in the ambulance driver area, but also in the area for patients. We can put together a team almost immediately and go pick up the patient. We will transport you safely from anywhere in the world. 

At your request, we will also arrange air transportation with charter flights and special flights as well, with the assistance of professional medical staff, and we will also arrange the transport of your loved ones and family, or your car if you are unable to drive. We also carry out repatriation transports of covid positive patients, incl. their family members from all over the world to back home.

We wish that you would never have the need to use our services, but in case that happens, know that we will take care of you to your full satisfaction. We are a partner of the following travel insurance companies:EURO-CENTER,  ALLIANZ, AXA Assistence CZ and GLOBAL ASSISTANCE

Ikona repatriace pacientů

How to order
repatriation transports

Do you need to realize a repatriation transport of a patient? We have prepared a tutorial for you for ordering the transport.

Please follow the individual steps of the procedure close when ordering a repatriation transport for us to be able to ensure the smoothest possible transport process.

  1. contact DavepoMedevac dispatch center
  2. communicate the name of the hospital and the name of the department from which the transport will take place
  3. communicate the name and surname, birth number and health insurance company’s number of the patient
  4. define the patient’s diagnosis in detail, as well as exact transport requirements (e.g., need for a linear dispenser, ECG, etc.)
  5. define the type of accompany – i.e., the presence of a paramedic or doctor
  6. determine the destination of the transport, the exact name of the hospital respectively, and the specific hospital department to which the patient will be transported to
  7. specify the date and time when the patient’s crew will take over their care
  8. state the telephone number of the department from which the transport is ordered

The client is always under the professional supervision of a paramedic or doctor.


6 deployment locations – we will provide the crew, which is closest to you.

24/7 for everyone

Non-stop dispatch even for clients with speech or hearing impediments using sms messaging.