Last week, we traditionally went to Greece to assist at the Olympia Rally 2023, which is part of the FIM European Open. This year the event took place from April 24 to 29.

The Olympia Rally is a six-day cross country motorcycle race held at the historic sites of Olympia, Greece. The race covers a wide range of terrain, from rugged mountains to rocky valleys, and attracts riders and spectators from around the world. Over six days, the riders will ride several hundred kilometers and taste the terrain and the climate from the mountain valley of Kalavryta, through the remaining pieces of snow on mount Erymanthos at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, to the green countryside around the Kladeos river, by which Olympia lies.

Fortunately, this year’s event was without major interventions by health professionals, and we are looking forward to more challenges!