Once again we were part of something unique. While Austria has already hosted one of the World Championship events and it is not new for Germany to host a World Rally, it was the first time that the Czech Republic hosted one. The Central European Rally took place on 26-29 October, and this year it was held for the first time on the territory of three countries – the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. It was one of the biggest events in the Czech Republic in terms of medical security – and we did it again!

During October, WRC tests were held in the Kaplice and Paceyov areas, where three teams – Hyundai, Ford and Toyota – tested their cars. During the 14 days of testing, 1 of our medical crew was always available. The testing, during which no serious injuries occurred, was completed on 22 October, 4 days before the official start of the WRC Central European Rally 2023.

The opening ceremony took place on 26 October at Hradčany Square, where 1 of our RLP crews was present. It went on to Velká Chuchle for the first stage, where 2 RV crews and 2 RZP crews assisted. From 6pm onwards, there were 2 more RV crews and 2 RZP crews in Klatovy on the Čínovský circuit for SS2.

Thursday’s day started with a move to the South Bohemian Region, where we had another series of stages in the villages of Vlachovo Březí, Zvotoky and Šumavské Hoštice, where we had a total of 11 RV crews and 12 RZP crews.

We would like to thank all our colleagues who participated in this event and the organizers for their trust in our team. We hope to see you again next year!